Wood Borer Control

Wood borer control Service

Wood borer control Service
Until the damage becomes visible, we may not realize the wood borer problem. Here we are the wood borer control bd to solve your problem. We have well-qualified and trained workers. We are the wood borer control team give our best to provide you good quality service. Wood borer Wood borer is a tiny beetle. They feed on starch in wood. They leave holes on the wooden structures. As a result, it makes serious damage to wooden structures and furniture. They lay their eggs in cracks of the wood. They are in reddish-brown, long, narrow, flat bodies. Signs of a Wood Borer Infestation Wood borers are wood damaging insect. They attack household furniture and fixtures. Sometimes they also attack trees. Wood borer lays their eggs in cracks of the wood. The larvae burrow their way out of the wood as they grow into adults. For this reason, holes and tunnels create in the wood structure. This kind of holes and tunnels are the sign of wood borer infestation. Wood powder is another sign of wood borer infestation.
How to prevent wood borers?
Prevention is better than cure. So, before wood borer infestation, it is
always best to take preventive steps. Such as:
 purchases good quality hardwood furniture.
 try to keep home well-ventilated
 use varnish for Sealing wood
 try to keep all wood dry
 if possible, remove and replace the infected wood
How to Get Rid of wood borers?
A wood-borers infestation needs to take the appropriate measures. It is important to get rid of the problem. Here is the six steps treatment to get rid of wood borers.
Use an insecticide. Spray the insecticide in two coats onto wood. Put
the second coat on before the first is dry.
Use a freezer. The frigid temperatures can easily destroy the insects.

Call a professional. Pest control operators can help you to get rid this
problem professionally.
Eliminate the infested wood. If possible, replace the wood.
Heat treatment. Use heat of 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for a
minimum of two hours.
sealed or painted the infested wood.
Our wood borer control services
Our wood borer control Dhaka starts from the inspection. We provide our appropriate wood borer control treatment after assessing the extent of the problem. Our wood borer control service is specially designed to disrupt at least one lifecycle of the borer. Following treatment, we are using for wood borer control
Freeze treatment: To kill insects in and on the wood. Fumigation treatment: For effectively eliminates all wood borer infestations.
Heat treatment: To solve the wood borer infestation problem quickly
Spray treatment: Use insecticides spray in the wood surfaces to
remove hiding wood borer inside the wood.
Why our service is best
We are the best wood borer control company in Bangladesh. We are
best because of:
 Use of the latest technology
 Effective plan according to your specific needs.
 Professional skills and experienced team.
 Qualified and registered technicians
 Quality and 100% guarantee treatments
 Affordable service cost within your budget.
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